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Debarking The Logs

When you get the freshly cut logs from the logger, they will bring them to you just as they were cut. About the only thing they have done is cut off the limbs. The bark will still be on them and you need to remove it. If the logs were cut in the fall when the sap was down, it makes it easier to remove the bark since it is not so tightly attached to the main log.

There are machines that will remove the bark but they can beat up the log quite a bit. We want the natural grain of the log to be undisturbed so we will be removing the bark ourselves. A tool that has been used for a long time to do this is called a 'spud'. It is basically a very wide and long chisel that gets under the bark and prys it away from the log. We are expecting that it will take quite a while to debark 100 logs that are 44 feet each. Hopefully we can stay ahead of the building. We don't need to do them all at once but they do need to be done as needed for assembly.

When you get thru debarking the logs, they should be looking something like this.

Here are some pictures of some folks doing the debarking using a spud.


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