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Pillar and Post Foundation

All houses are built on some sort of foundation (or at least should be!). Slab foundations are common and involve pouring a solid foundation of concrete that the house is built upon. Generally, the plumbing is layed before the slab is poured thus making it pretty difficult to fix a broken or leaking pipe. Another method is called a conventional foundation. This consists of walls built around the perimeter of the house but nothing between the walls other than dirt.

We will be using a type of foundation called pillar and post. This consists of building cement pillars at the corners of the house and then placing the logs on these pillars. The pillars will be about 15 inches off the ground. We will dig 12" holes, frame the pillar, and then pour cement into the form. Each pillar will be poured to the proper level so that the tops of the pillars are all level with each other. We won't have to worry much with leveling the ground under the house for this reason. When we place a log on the pillar, we will then drill thru the log and into the pillar for 6 inches. Into this hole, we will place a 3/4 inch piece of rebar. This will keep the log from moving from the pillar.

Pillars will be placed every 10 feet. Since the house will be 40 feet on each side, this means that there will be 12 around the perimeter and four more underneath the floor for a total of 16 pillars.


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